Introducing Girrona Liquidity Locker

This documentation's purpose is to introduce users to the services provided by Girrona Network and to serve as a guide for using those services.

The core mission of Girrona is to make, creating and launching a project a breeze, while making it as safe as possible for the potential investors. We have everything you need to launch the project you want, from setting it up in the beggining, to locking the liquidity after a successful launch!

Developers listing their tokens on decentralized exchanges are granted LP tokens for providing liquidity to the pool. If the LP tokens are unlocked, that creates a risk of developers running away with investors' money by draining the liquidity from the pool. This is where Liquidity Lockers come into play. We are inventing such concept, to protect investors from such risks and making it safer to invest. The locked tokens stay in a smart contract for a pre-determined amount of time, making it impossible to withdraw the liquidity from the pool. Once the LP tokens are locked, they can't be withdrawn/moved until the unlock date passes.

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