Accounts & Cryptographic keys

The Girrona blockchain uses an on-chain account-based model, uniquely identified by an AccountHash derived from a specific PublicKey. The AccountHash is a 32-byte hash derived from any of the supported PublicKey variants below to standardize keys that can vary in length.

By default, a transactional interaction with the blockchain takes the form of a Deploy cryptographically signed by the key-pair corresponding to the PublicKey used to create the account.

The Girrona platform supports two types of keys for creating accounts and signing transactions:

  • Ed25519 keys, which use the Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) and are 66 bytes long

  • Secp256k1 keys, commonly known as Ethereum keys, which are 68 bytes long

You can generate keys using both formats, and it is also possible to work with existing Ethereum keys.

You can also generate an account hash from a public key with the Girrona command-line client

More details will be uncovered towards the Launch of Girrona.

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