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This section is intended for the developer or user who has had little or no exposure to Girrona and wants to understand the concepts underpinning the platform. Working with the Girrona blockchain requires an understanding of some core concepts. These concepts generally apply to blockchain technology, although some are Girrona-specific. If you are new to Girrona, we recommend you familiarize yourself with these concepts to ensure a proper foundation for your Girrona education.

Once you understand the basic concepts underpinning Girrona, here are some further learning paths you may wish to pursue:

  • If you are just getting started and looking for help building your first Girrona-based app, we recommend the beginner tutorials section.

  • If you have already started your Girrona education and want to continue with more advanced tutorials, try our Advanced Tutorials section.

  • If you already have experience with or know of the Girrona platform and are looking for specific information about a development topic, head over to the development area.

Girrona Concepts

Intro to Dapps

An introduction to developing Distributed Applications on the Girrona blockchain.

Accounts and Cryptographic Keys

The Girrona programme are account based and are secured.

Hash Types

Hashes are used throughout the Girrona ecosystem for keys, addresses, packaging data and more.

Global State

Learn about the storage layer for the Girrona blockchain. All accounts, contracts, and data are stored in global state.

Call Stacks

This documents contains a discussion of how Girrona manages the calling of a contract, and some essential concepts to understand when running this kind of code.

Deploys and the Deploy Lifecycle

Deploys are a concept fundamental to the Girrona blockchain. Learn about deploys, what they are for, how to create and send them, what happens to them when you do.

Smart contracts

Learn how to develop Smart Contracts on Girrona.


Dictionaries are a primary construct for storing and retrieving data on the Girrona platform.


Learn about how serialization is done in Girrona, the Girrona Serialization Standard, and how to roll your own custom serialization.


An in-depth look at the high-level design and architecture of the Girrona ecosystem can be found here.


Learn how the on-chain economics of Girrona work here.


A compendium of all the terms used in Girrona, in alphabetical order. We have tried to make these documentation pages as self-explanatory as possible, but if there is a term that isn't explained, or that you don't recognize.

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